• Dr Eve Internationally Accredited Couple and Sex Therapist
    Clinician in Private Practice, Couple and Sex Therapist, Clinical Sexologist, Sexual Medicine Therapist, Sexual Rights Activist and founder of the Dr Eve brand. I am a woman, a parent, a partner. I am passionate about living life in a healthy, sensual and responsible way. I am dedicated to you.
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    I signed up to a dating site. Im single. A chick replied to me that really appealed to me. No photo. Just chatting. After chatting fo... Read more
    I broke up with a boyfriend and he has naked photos of me. I am freaked out as Im afraid he'll share them. Anyone got some advice for... Read more
    I think I have a problem with porn. I heard you talking about "50 shades" on radio and this is when my problem began Id never seen po... Read more
    I play a lot of video games. My wife knows about this. But she does not know that a lot of my time is spent chatting to other people ... Read more
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    I’m engaged and can’t have sex with my man anymore..Every time when we try I get angry. Is it because I still love my ex boyfriend and I can’t love my fi...
    HIV positive
    Hi Dr. I’m 32 years old man and am in  a relationship. I’m HIV positive . I realised my stutas last year August . From that time  Im no longer interested in se...
    smart wands
    Although my wife and I are sexually active ( 3 to 5 times a week ) she does not orgasm — we are 66 & 67 respectably — married now for four years —...
    I have been married for 25 years. For various reasons I no longer love my wife. Its been like this for the last 10 years. I think I tried, she doesn’t, she actually ...
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    50 shades
    Who would have thought it would take one book , actually a trilogy of books, to get female sexuality jump start...
    We humans are designed to survive.  That means we are instinctively driven to reproduce to continue the species...
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