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    0 Shades of Graig o IM discussion that got her off This post has explicit sexual content Enjoy What your safe word Dont hve one..... Read more
    I met a older women during work. One night after dinner we decided to book in to a hotel because we could not control ourselves in th... Read more
    After several year I met a lady I once worked with. We have since become friends. We used to go to lunch and dinners. One night I was... Read more
    First of I want to confess I am the one who wrote Secret Porn Life. Well anyway at the moment I'm so wet and horny that I'm consideri... Read more
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    black woman in pain
    Dr Eve enjoy your shows on Friday’s. I had a full Hysterectomy at age 29. I have been on hormone replacement for 13 y but my breasts were constantly aching. Went for mammo...
    older couple
    I am 60 years old and masturbate virtually very 2nd day; to be honest I prefer this to having sex with my wife as it takes ages to ‘come’. I enjoy looking at p...
    my broken heart
    In your opinion a married man that puts up ads on Cumtree as a man willing to help financially forNSA relationship, pays women on this site for nude pictures of themselves...
    I wanted to ask this when you were talking about fetishes this morning on 702. My boyfriend asked me to let him lick my vagina during my perriod. At first I thought he was...