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DR EVE becomes a global sensation with the USA and international media. Since the launch of her new book “Cyber Infidelity: The New Seduction “ , DR MARLENE WASSERMAN, founder of the DR EVE brand, a trusted professional brand representing cutting edge evidence based information , has become positioned as a global expert on Cyber Infidelity and Contemporary Intimacies.

“As a Clinical Sexologist and Couple and Sex Therapist in Private Practice,  I am dedicated to providing public and professional forums In Real Life and online, in which I can provoke & educate adults and young people into critical thinking about their Contemporary Intimacies. Welcome!” :)

Founder Dr Marlene Wasserman

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Violated virtually

I was the target of a vengeful ex. The first time I ended the relationship, he called me up to 10 times in succession, a few times a day,  and More


5 Cool Ways Menopausal Women Can Stay Sexy

Learn how to enjoy your later years and take control over the menopause monster. It does not have to be the dip or the lull in your life you can More


Living with a sex offender : your intimate life

“My husband is not to blame. .. she was way out of order”.(Partner of sex offender) “..short skirt and dressed up to pick up older men , and they are More


Anal Sex: Myths, Truths, And How To–Without Pain

Courtesy of Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of anal sex. And with age, anal sex may seem even more taboo. But if you’re curious about lovemaking a derriere—no More

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Ask me a question that brings confusion, discomfort, dis-ease to you. Ask me a question as you’re curious and concerned. Ask me so you can become informed and educated about your sexuality, sexual health, sexual rights  and relationships. I welcome all questions. I commit to being respectful, tolerant, non judgemental and scientific in my responses.

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Painful penetration

I am a 23 year old young lady. I have a secret I’m keeping to myself. I’ve only asked 2 people for help and nothing has come out of it.I More

Oscar Interview – the aftermath

Dr Eve, I am one your pupils for many years now, thank you. Friday night I stayed up and waited for the Oscar interview to be flighted. The interest is More

sex talk

Dr Eve hi. I am scared of the “level” at which my and my wife of 20 years, sex talk is at. What I mean is that,  what now arouses More

Polyamory relationships

My husband and I were in a sexual polyamorous relationship with a female. It was a great relationship for all of us.  The lady that joined our relationship was a More

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