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DR EVE becomes a global sensation with the USA and international media. Since the launch of her new book “Cyber Infidelity: The New Seduction “ , DR MARLENE WASSERMAN, founder of the DR EVE brand, a trusted professional brand representing cutting edge evidence based information , has become positioned as a global expert on Cyber Infidelity and Contemporary Intimacies.

“As a Clinical Sexologist and Couple and Sex Therapist in Private Practice,  I am dedicated to providing public and professional forums In Real Life and online, in which I can provoke & educate adults and young people into critical thinking about their Contemporary Intimacies. Welcome!” :)

Founder Dr Marlene Wasserman

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Locker Room talk

With transparency I declare I am not  a Trump supporter. Hence I write this blog not out of vindictiveness towards him. Rather to spark a conversation in your home about More


Out of Control Sexual Behaviour

Perhaps you are one of these men .  Or have been accused of being one of them. You may be married to one . You certainly have heard of this More


Joined at the hip intimacy

Once upon a time a man was introduced to a woman . The families had  history with each other , the lived in the same neighbourhood , or had relatives More


The Morality of Cheating: shifting realities

Bees and birds do it. Men and women do it. About equally . Between 25 and 70 per cent of women — and 40 and 80 per cent of men More

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Ask me a question that brings confusion, discomfort, dis-ease to you. Ask me a question as you’re curious and concerned. Ask me so you can become informed and educated about your sexuality, sexual health, sexual rights  and relationships. I welcome all questions. I commit to being respectful, tolerant, non judgemental and scientific in my responses.

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Oscar Interview – the aftermath

Dr Eve, I am one your pupils for many years now, thank you. Friday night I stayed up and waited for the Oscar interview to be flighted. The interest is More

sex talk

Dr Eve hi. I am scared of the “level” at which my and my wife of 20 years, sex talk is at. What I mean is that,  what now arouses More

Polyamory relationships

My husband and I were in a sexual polyamorous relationship with a female. It was a great relationship for all of us.  The lady that joined our relationship was a More

My man wants his own nipple attention

  A year ago I met a wonderful guy. He is charming ,handsome everythng that I ever wanted…BUT when we’re having sex he constantly wants me to play with his More

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