I want a tight vagina


Hi I’m 22 years old ever since I gave birth my vagina became loose. So what can I do to be tight again. Please help. I tried Kegal exercise and ice cubes but nothing changed.

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Dr Eve answers:


I wonder how you know your vagina is”loose” . Is it because a partner has criticised or commented about it? Do you feel less sensation with penetration? Perhaps it simply feels different to what you were used to before you delivered your baby. And so it is.. it is going to feel different which does not mean you should feel shameful about your vagina. Its different because the pelvic floor muscles which form a sling to hold up your anus, vagina, and reproductive organs, needed to really expand and stretch in order to get your baby out.

With time , they return to some form of previous tightness , but like any muscle of the body, they can never go back to how they were. Accepting this is a definite advantage as you will be able to less stressed and self conscious about your vagina.

Tips on tightening :

  1. Do not place ice cubes or any other over the counter products into your vagina as they may cause damage
  2. Do not ever douche , unless under doctors instructions, as this will destroy the inner lining of your vagina and make you susceptible to HIV/AIDS/STI’s
  3. Being wet is fabulous! So no need to dry out your vagina ever.
  4. Buy a set of smart balls from my store
  5. Insert the balls into your vagina with a drop of water based lube.
  6. Stand  and walk around with them for 10 minutes.  if they fall out , you know you need tightening 🙂
  7. Be patient. Insert one ball and walk around with it. Once you can do this comfortably, insert both balls.
  8. Do this daily  for 3 months
  9. Thereafter daily as maintenance.
  10. Within 3 months you will feel the difference and have  a tighter vagina .

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