understanding and management

Infidelity hurts so bad. Whether you are the hurt person , or the person who did the hurting, when disclosure happens , a roller coaster appears and you both jump on and go for the ride of your life.

Every moment of every day your mood changes – from utter confusion , to sober reality, back down to deep pain that makes you want to throw up, and for a moment or so, back up to longing for the person you thought you knew , now feeling like a stranger to you.

You need help.
You feel hopeless
I am here to help you through the trauma and growth of Infidelity and Cyber Infidelity.

Perhaps you were not having In Real Life sexual contact, merely chatting or even sexting with a stranger, online, and wonder why your partner accuses you of infidelity, emotional infidelity. It’s called Cyber Infidelity. It occurs insidiously and silently, even unintentionally. And it hurts more than the non consensual non monogamous physical activities you do with another person.

You need help.
You feel helpless
I am here to help you though the trauma and growth of Infidelity and Cyber Infidelity.
I am here to evolve you from hopelessness to the possibility of change .

I have created an Infidelity Forum for you to tell your stories, read other stories, create a community of compassionate healing and growth, through the trauma of infidelity.

Weekly I will post a new topic. Daily you may post your own topic /thought/reflections/questions ..
Interact with me, and with others.

Feel free to remain anonymous, be respectful of yourself and others, be self caring.


Recently a couple consulted me as she had found messages on her partner’s mobile that she thought were evidence of an affair. He had numerous chats with his work colleague , even photos of her, and the nature of the chats were personal ,even flirtatious. When she confronted him , he became defensive and denied he was cheating as no physical contact had occurred. In fact, he got pretty angry with her that she had gone onto his mobile without his permission. She remained resolute that this was cheating.
I welcome your thoughts on this situation…