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Intimate Organics Discover G Spot Gel

By dreve
Aug 24th, 2011

I bought the product in as it has the word Discover in its label.I love the idea of women and women, women and men , women alone fooling around inside a woman’s vagina in the “search” for the G zone. Imagine all the pleasure of this process whilst using Discover G Spot gel… if and I say a clear, If , you can disengage from the hope that Discover G spot Gel is a magical sexual health potion  that will fix your relationship.

Intimate Organics is a high quality range of lubricants and sexual health products (www.intimateorganics.com) . All the products that make up this gel are natural, contain no menthol so no burning, irritation when using it. Simply insert a drop at the entrance of your vagina before penetration/masturbation/toy play and enjoy the added sensation you will feel inside your vagina.

I recommend this sexual health product for women seeking a gel rather than a lubricant, a gel which is slightly thicker in texture, will last longer than a lube and give added vaginal sensations. There is a strong drive from  sexual health and sexual rights advocates to get people to have to use lube as a protective part of their sexual play= the more lube, the less likely to tear an anus or a vagina. Get yourself Discover today.