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Depression Stole My Partner

Many people erroneously think taking a PDE5I, like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis will do the trick – restore the erection and all will be well.   In sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, we vow to love a partner eternally. In reality this is a big ask. How many of us can honestly say […]

A Huffington Post Sex Q&A With Dr. Eve

Everybody’s sex drive is highest when meeting someone new. The human brain loves novelty, unfamiliarity and unpredictability. Q: After I have an orgasm, I’m too sensitive and carrying on is really difficult for me. How can we work on this? Answer: Work on this? Hmm, not sure you need to “work ” on this. “Working” […]

Revenge Porn, Sextortion And Other Nasty Virtually Violent Harmful Behaviour

Men are likely to experience name-calling and embarrassment, while young women are vulnerable to sexual harassment and stalking on all social platforms. I was the target of a vengeful ex. The first time I ended the relationship, he called me up to ten times in succession, a few times a day, and bombarded me with […]

Male Orgasms — Choose Your Trend Of Fake, Quick Or Slow

All the different players in his body and current situation, have to come together at the right time, in unison, to create one fine resounding crescendo.   Think of a man’s orgasm as a symphony orchestra, with each instrument having to be in tune and in time, to create majestic sounds. The conductor is responsible for bringing […]