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A Basic Guide To Bisexuality

No, it is not a fad, a passing fancy, an indecisive person who can’t decide whom to love, or a promiscuous person, a cheater looking for an excuse to cheat. Call me presumptuous, but I think you need to know more about “bisexuality”. Too many people squirm on my therapeutic couch when they apologetically try […]

Healthy Love – Rate Your Own Style Of Attachment

Think back to when you were a kid. Your earliest memories are of your parents or primary caregivers. You observed them looking , touching, hugging, laughing , fighting and playing with each other – or completely avoiding each other. And in turn either being affectionate or distant with you . This was the beginning of […]

Sex workers: Our Love/Hate Relationship With The World’s Oldest Profession

“The fact that Nokuphila Khumalo’s work entailed sexual acts, and is criminalised, placed her and her many co- workers, at high risk of danger. A sex worker participates in a march to raise public awareness on human rights issues in their profession on International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers in Skopje, Macedonia December […]