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The Truth About Sexual Authenticity Disorder (SAD)

We cannot deny the influence and freedom that porn, Netflix and social media have given people to normalise their sexuality. I believe that most people are dishonest about their sexuality. It’s a provocative statement to make. Before you get all huffy and angry with my statement, stop and consider your own sexuality. Do you feel […]

Dear Diary, Today We Had A Fight, And No Sex

I have no doubt that your sexual repertoire is dependent on and limited by the amount of conflict, sexual difficulties and frequency you have daily. I need to be physically warm. Which means that I keep my environment overheated. This is not a good thing for couples who arrive in my therapy room, anxious, with attendant […]

Why You Need To Remove ‘Sex Addiction’ From Your Mind And Vocabulary — Dr Eve

There is no addiction. Only a diverse form of sexual behaviour. Perhaps you are one of these men or have been accused of being one of them, you may even be married to one. You certainly have heard of this man: the man who is addicted to sex. This is the man who is accused […]