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This Is Why Your Teens Are Having Sex And Here Are Tips On How You Can Protect Them

The drivers for teens to early sexual play include peer pressure, low esteem, coercion, sex for money, pessimism, and lack of communication with parents. Take a peek inside the life of a teenager. It comes with a hazard warning, as it may cause you some disturbance. I grabbed these results from the 2015 National Youth Risk […]

Consensual Non-Monogamy Or Simply Put, Cheating

Naturally non-monogamous people have struggled to stay faithful, despite good intentions. Cheating was always the solution… I know you are morally and ethically opposed to sexual and emotional infidelity. If you have not personally experienced it, you probably know someone who has. You’ve seen the wrist slitting pain, confusion, shame and the attempted clawing back to […]

What Do You Do If You Think Your Partner Is Abusing Your Child?

SA has one of the highest rates of child abuse, one in three children, are at risk of being victims of sexual and physical abuse before the age of 18. I do not watch television. My TV set is used exclusively for Netflix and series. However, once I get settled into the apartment in Manhattan, […]