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It’s Not A Popular Subject, But The Latest Research About Paedophilia May Help Us Protect Our Kids

Professionals who work clinically and conduct research into paedophilia must be be scientific and confident to withstand the arrows that get slung at them. Working professionally in sexuality is edgy. Working with children (and I refer to people under the age of 18 years old) and sexuality is off the edge. No person wants to […]

There’s No Reason Why The Menopause Should Stop You From Enjoying Sex

Don’t allow menopause to steal away half your life. I am a menopausal woman, have been for about 10 years. I just couldn’t help it, it came with aflash,, it surprised me with the heat it generated. The dysregulated temperature of feeling so cold and within hours throwing off night covers and seeking fresh air, […]

Here’s A Guide On How To Amicably End Intimate Situations

Taking action feels overwhelming. Nowhere is this more abundantly felt than when ending a significant relationship. I work with complex relationships. Clinically this refers to relationships that have trauma associated with them. This might be a fresh trauma, like death, an accident, a job loss or discovery of infidelity. Or it could be a childhood […]