Monthly Archives: July 2019

Tell me your Abortion Story.

It was late at night when a  WhatsApp message came through on my professional line. The young woman was  spinning out as  2 nights previously, she and her boyfriend had unprotected sex and he used the  pull out method. She wanted to know how effective emergency contraception would be, 72 hours having being past. In her […]

My ageing body wants sex !

I look in the mirror and I see an aged face and a body that is fit and strong.. and aged. Wrinkles, droopiness, thinning skin, hair and nails , stare back at me. I turn away faster than in previous years, I  put on beautiful underwear ,  dress in colours that make me feel alive, […]

Forgiveness of my perpetrator : yes or no ?!

I  observe closely  the hand wringing and   agitated  physical movements as I hear  the contradictorily   strong voiced declarations.  Declarations of hard work to get to this place of acceptance.and peace.   Hard work toward  Forgiveness.  This is followed by  intense gazing at me, short silences, as the person waits for my response. Approval […]

Why do you kiss? Here are 42 reasons

Cast your mind back to your first kiss with a new person. In a consensual situation,  it happens as  emotional intimacy progresses.  That can be within hours, weeks or months, of first connecting with someone.  It is  stereotyped as an universal  expression of  romantic love.  Or lust.  That first  lip to lip contact may have […]