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When I search #blessed  on Instagram, , there are 2 categories of women who pop up.  One is of women feeling #blessed by having God in their lives and the other is a group of many thousands of women who feel #blessed by a #blesser. A Blesser is a popular name for “sugar daddy”, the […]

Limerence : a painful harmful love

  You’re at a workshop. You make eye contact with a person . It feels intense . A connection has been made . You chat. You feel there is a mutual understanding of specialness. You feel you have fallen in love, but really in love, not just   a crush. Not a sexual lust. A […]

Domestic Violence can Kill you : This information may save you.

  The worst part of my domestic violence was that there was no end date. I never knew when it would happen and I never knew if it would ever end. And even when I left , I remained on the look out. Truth be told, I , like most victims of domestic violence was […]