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Zoo Sex: criminal, paraphilia, or moral disgust ?

“I love my sheep.. I mean, I really love my sheep. I take care of them , herd them in nightly and sleep with them .” “Sleep with them ?” I ask.  .”Yes , have sex with some of  them, the ones that I find sexually attractive. There is nothing wrong with this . It […]

A guide to parents of gender diverse children

  Gone are the days of a pink cradle and a blue cradle, a pink or a blue wardrobe. Once the baby reveal party. has happened ,  politically correct and woke parents/  women  sit back in the well thought out  gender neutral space they have created and with curiosity wonder what gender their child will […]

Breasts and sexuality after cancer: it matters

There is nothing “Pink” nor “Feminine” about breast cancer. In fact, just the opposite.  So let’s not pretend otherwise. It’s an insult to women. Yes, “women”, not “warriors” nor “fighters”.   It denies them a much needed safe space to talk about their breasts, nipples, vaginas and sexuality. Women are be told to “fight back” as if […]

The interpersonal lives of sex workers: dating , motherhood and romance.

This blog is not about what you do know about sex workers. Rather it is what you may not know about sex workers. It is about their interpersonal lives.  Here is  what we do know about South African sex workers (courtesy of Sonke Gender Justice/Zia Wasserman )  *  In  South Africa sex work is illegal. * […]