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The Economics of Intimacy

THE ECONOMICS OF INTIMACY About once a week, I mask up, grab my purse and sanitizer and head off to the grocery store.  I stand in line, physically distant from others, breathing deeply and mindfully, as I listen to my music through my headphones.  It is a terribly anxiety-provoking experience for me.  I […]

Assessing your sexual attitudes

Hello there, CLICK HERE TO SEE ME TALKING ABOUT “ASSESSING YOUR SEXUAL ATTITUDES” In this time of radical proximity with your partner, either in person, or via an online platform, you get to see parts of each other that you either chose to ignore or were well hidden from each other. Some of those […]

Tools to understand and manage Intimate Conflict

One tele-therapy session after the other , I notice the tension and dis-ease between 2 people who fill up my screen. In the confines of a screen I get to notice a lot more than when I have the same couple sitting on my therapy couch. I see the fear in their eyes, the tightness […]


Today I write to you in my capacity as a Family Therapist CLICK HERE TO SEE ME TALKING ABOUT TIPS TO ENSURE THE MENTAL HEALTH OF YOUR CHILDREN A short history:  Back in the day, I did a Masters in Clinical Social Work, and specialized as a Family Therapist. Whilst working with the whole […]

237 reasons to have sex ?#CoronaVirus

  “Wow” , you thought, “lockdown with my beloved for 4 weeks” and the sex part of your brain lit up. Suddenly you imagined hours and hours of sex . Sneaky sex, lazy Sunday morning sex midday on  a Wednesday , an opportunity to explore fantasies together, and even experiment sexually, both online and offline. […]

Sex and coronavirus: Should you be intimate? With whom? 3 sexologists advise

Don’t touch each other! Stand a meter and a half apart! The COVID-19 pandemic raises a lot of questions around safe sex in a time of social distancing and constant handwashing. And it’s challenging to have sex with someone in a mask or a hazmat suit. So, as The New York Times says, ‘These are very unsexy […]

Intimate Terrorism and Lockdown

Today I bring your awareness to yet another incredible anxiety that Covid-19 brings to too many women – and children.  And that is “Intimate Terrorism”, also known as “domestic violence” and “gender-based violence”. I share this information with you… you who may have been enduring intimate terrorism before lockdown and you, who may suddenly have […]