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Hello there, CLICK HERE TO WATCH ME TALK ABOUT “INTIMACY CARE” As you begin your new week, I invite you to set your intentions for yourself in your intimate relationships.  Intimate relationships include any form of relationship that is significant to you.  These include parent/child; siblings; friends; lovers; significant partner/s; colleagues. Let’s begin: I […]


CLICK HERE TO SEE ME TALKING ABOUT “GOOD ENOUGH PARENTS” I used to consider myself a good parent to my 3 now-adult children. I believed that “good parenting” meant that you pretty much sacrificed yourself for your kids, that you were available at every peep, and in return, you could expect perfectionism. Luckily in […]

Relationship Check-in

Click here to see me talk about how to do a “relationship check-in” It’s time!  Time to take a breath and invite your partner to do a “Relationship Check-In”.  As a single person, it is time for you to check in re your current relationship values. 3 unique relationship months have passed, unique in […]

Understanding addictions in Covid-19

  Like me , I am sure you have an opinion about the reinstatement of alcohol in Level 3. I celebrate the return of some of our freedom, mostly the freedom to trade and boost the economy. Like most freedoms, this comes with a cost. And the cost of alcohol is high on the health […]

Self Care

CLICK HERE TO SEE ME TALKING ABOUT “SELF CARE” Today I want to talk to you about “Self Care”.  It may not sound as sexy as “vaginal orgasms” and yet self-care is the finest way to get you to orgasm, and to attain the many other pleasures of intimacy, deeply emotional and sexual intimacy, […]

Children’s Sexual Pleasure: a letter to parents

  Hello Parents,  By now you have got HomeSchooling#101 under your belt. I have heard about the sense of inadequacy you feel around your own  math knowledge , geography and Xhosa. Ive learned that as a parent you have  stretched yourself into new technologies to enable your child to learn online. And you’re exhausted . […]

Female Orgasms

CLICK HERE TO SEE ME TALK ABOUT “FEMALE ORGASMS” Today I feel compelled to talk about “Female Orgasms”. And somehow, I know that you will feel drawn to reading about this ill-informed, sensationalized topic that continues to cause much emotional pain and distress to women and their partners. In the last few days I have […]

Intimacy Trauma

Hello there, Click here to see me talk about Intimacy Trauma This last weekend I attended the annual Trauma Research Foundation online conference.  The Foundation is run by the world’s leading trauma specialist/psychiatrist, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, a man whom I have met and whose trainings I have been doing for many years. […]