Monthly Archives: July 2020


CLICK HERE TO WATCH ME SPEAK ABOUT “SEXUAL DYSFUNCTIONS AND CHILDHOOD ABUSE” HELLO… I hope that you are currently living in a home that feels safe and secure.  I hope that you are living without violence and threat.  And I hope this finds you in a sexually safe and consensual relationship. Perhaps you grew […]


CLICK HERE TO SEE ME TALK ABOUT “ENTANGLEMENTS” A few weeks ago, a new pop scandal erupted.  Jada Pinkett Smith, the wife of Will Smith, confessed to him via one of her public platforms, that she had become entangled with August Alsina, while separated from him.  Twitter went crazy.  Everyone had an opinion and […]


CLICK HERE TO SEE ME TALK ABOUT “FORGIVENESS” Hello… When it comes to “forgiveness” I am always faced with personal discomfort.  Forgiveness is closely correlated with increased happiness and improved mental health.  Hey, give me some more of that!  It is also associated with good moral behavior and is heavily emphasized in many religions.  […]

The sexual satisfaction quiz

CLICK HERE TO SEE ME TALKING ABOUT “THE SEXUAL SATISFACTION QUIZ” It’s been 4 months since we have been locked down.  I thought now would be an interesting time to give you an opportunity to check in on how, if at all, your SEXUAL SATISFACTION, has changed since lockdown began. Sexuality is significantly impacted by […]

The Porn Conversation

Hello there, Click here to see me talk about “THE PORN CONVERSATION” At this time of Covid-19, your children have a lot more than usual permission to be online.  From schoolwork, to gaming, to zoom chats with relatives, and of course social media, your children are pretty much stuck for more than 8 hours […]

Your Attachment Style

CLICK HERE TO SEE ME TALK ABOUT “YOUR ATTACHMENT STYLE” On numerous occasions, I am sure you have heard me say that the success of a relationship lasting is not the “love” and “sex”. Rather it is how “safe” and “secure” you feel with a person. The safer and more secure you feel with […]

Sexual Problems and Sexual Abuse

CLICK HERE TO SEE ME TALK ABOUT “SEXUAL PROBLEMS AND SEXUAL ABUSE” As you know, I work with the traumas of intimacy. After many years, and now proven with robust scientific evidence, I know that sexual problems are problems of intimacy. Intimacy is feeling safe and secure with a person. Generally, it is a […]

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