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Hello… Welcome to a week of SEXUAL PLEASURE. Friday 4th September is WORLD SEXUAL HEALTH DAY.  In 2010, the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) called all their organizations to celebrate, on each September 4th, the World Sexual Health Day (WSHD) in an effort to promote greater social awareness on sexual health across the globe. This year the […]

Sexual Abuse Survivors

CLICK HERE TO SEE ME TALK ABOUT “PARTNERS OF SEXUAL ABUSE SURVIVORS” Hello… Perhaps you wonder why your partner stiffens when you touch her/him/they? Or you may be confused about the sexual change that happened after about an initial year of passionate sex.  And you really have lost patience with all the excuses your […]

Level 2- Happiness

CLICK HERE TO SEE ME TALK ABOUT LEVEL 2 – HAPPINESS After President Cyril Ramaphosa announced South Africa’s move down to Level 2, I sat with my feelings in my heart and sensations in my body.  What came up first was Gratitude…  gratitude that the economy will be somewhat revived, and people will have […]


CLICK HERE TO SEE ME TALK ABOUT “SUICIDE AND COVID-19” Hello, We are living through not one but 3 epidemics, namely, covid-19, gender based violence and loneliness.  The new kid on the block – covid-19 – has exacerbated the other 2 public health problems that existed pre-covid-19.  This has immediate and long-term consequences on […]

Let’s not go back to normal

CLICK HERE TO WATCH ME SPEAK ABOUT “LET’S NOT GO BACK TO NORMAL” Hello there… I invite you to watch the latest advert from Durex, called: ”Let’s not go back to normal”.  CLICK HERE It’s brilliant! Without judgment, it simply and powerfully invites you to accept that your sexual “normal” may not have been […]