It’s been 4 months since we have been locked down.  I thought now would be an interesting time to give you an opportunity to check in on how, if at all, your SEXUAL SATISFACTION, has changed since lockdown began.

Sexuality is significantly impacted by many unique to you, external and internal factors. In the last 4 months as a global humanity, we are all experiencing Collective Trauma due to Covid-19.  Examples of Collective Trauma include the Holocaust, Apartheid, Slavery in the USA, Genocides.

Many people exposed to Collective Trauma suffer from PTSD. Perhaps you are already feeling symptoms that include increased levels of depression, anxiety, heightened moments of panic, escalated emotional tensions, and conflict.

In addition to the external Collective Trauma of COVID-19, internally you may feel unsafe and insecure in your own world of health and wealth, and in your intimate relationship/s.

Sexually you may feel heightened interest, comfort, openness in sexual engagements, alone or with an -other/s. Or you may feel a loss of interest and pleasure and emotional disconnect to sexual partners and your own sexuality.

I invite you to measure your /your partner’s current Sexual Satisfaction, using this validated measuring instrument. Use it as a positive guide to notice where you would like to enhance your SEXUAL SATISFACTION. If it feels to risky and unsafe to share with a partner… don’t!



Thinking about your sex life during the last six months, please rate your satisfaction with the following aspects:


  1.  The intensity of my arousal
  2.  The quality of my orgasms
  3.  My “letting go” and surrender to sexual pleasure during sex
  4.  My focus/concentration during sexual activity
  5.  The way I sexually react to my partner
  6.  My body’s sexual functioning
  7.  My emotional opening up in sex
  8.  My mood after sexual activity
  9.  The frequency of my orgasms
10.  The pleasure I provide to my partner
11.  The balance between what I give and receive in sex
12.  My partner’s emotional opening up during sex
13.  My partner’s initiation of sexual activity
14.  My partner’s ability to orgasm
15.  My partner’s surrender to sexual pleasure (“letting go”)
16.  The way my partner takes care of my sexual needs
17.  My partner’s sexual creativity
18.  My partner’s sexual availability
19.  The variety of my sexual activities
20.  The frequency of my sexual activity

Please use the following scale: 1 = not at all satisfied, 2 = a little satisfied, 3 = moderately satisfied, 4 = very satisfied, 5 = extremely satisfied.

Feel free to reach out to me via Whatsapp.  Anonymity is guaranteed.  Let me know where your anxieties, fears, and worries sit with you.  Tell me what is soothing for you.  And what you need in this time of radical uncertainty.


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Take care

Marlene #stayhome