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Dear Dr.Eve – My partner refuses to use lube

“Dear Dr. Eve My partner refuses to use lube. He says that if I need lube it means that I am not aroused by him. It means that he is not a good lover. He says that no woman who is with him needs lube as he will do the work and get her sufficiently […]

Why and How Females Masturbate

Google “how to masturbate” and you will be confronted  with  many guides on “Dating  your down under” , or Touch Yourself. All aimed  at women.  Interspersed are a few guides for men /people with a penis. It implies a silent understanding that men know how to masturbate and do it as part of their male […]

The best of Dr Eve and Eusebius McKaiser , Radio 702: 2019

  Its 11am Friday morning. The jingle plays “Talking Sex” . I am alert and excited to begin the conversation . During the week my host, Eusebius McKaiser and I have mindfully discussed the topic and  thrown around ideas. We aim to educate, provoke and provide a safe and professional space for listeners. However we […]

What do you do post coital? 

Place yourself into this scenario. The penetration has happened. He has had an orgasm, She may be one of the 15% of women who reliably orgasm through only vaginal penetration . Or more likely she is  one of the 65% of women who orgasm , primarily  through  clitoral stimulation . What happens now? What do […]

My ageing body wants sex !

I look in the mirror and I see an aged face and a body that is fit and strong.. and aged. Wrinkles, droopiness, thinning skin, hair and nails , stare back at me. I turn away faster than in previous years, I  put on beautiful underwear ,  dress in colours that make me feel alive, […]

Why do you kiss? Here are 42 reasons

Cast your mind back to your first kiss with a new person. In a consensual situation,  it happens as  emotional intimacy progresses.  That can be within hours, weeks or months, of first connecting with someone.  It is  stereotyped as an universal  expression of  romantic love.  Or lust.  That first  lip to lip contact may have […]

Bad Sex and the Orgasm Gap

Im trying to remember the first time I became aware of having Bad Sex. Was it the time I found myself lying underneath a man who was thrusting and thrusting .. and thrusting.. in silence as he was so focused on his own male pleasure and ego that his need  to delay  ejaculation overtook any […]

Is your vibe killing your sex life?

It’s one of the great ironies of my world: vibrators are proven to be the most effective means for women  to achieve orgasm . Yet they are seen as less acceptable and desirable than other means of achieving orgasm . Perhaps it is the traditional and patriarchal belief that a man has to be the […]

A Huffington Post Sex Q&A With Dr. Eve

Everybody’s sex drive is highest when meeting someone new. The human brain loves novelty, unfamiliarity and unpredictability. Q: After I have an orgasm, I’m too sensitive and carrying on is really difficult for me. How can we work on this? Answer: Work on this? Hmm, not sure you need to “work ” on this. “Working” […]