237 reasons to have sex ?#CoronaVirus

  "Wow" , you thought, "lockdown with my beloved for [...]

I am in lock down with my cheating partner

A week into lock down and you notice that your [...]

You want me to do what ??!!! Corona Virus lockdown

  Spending 3 weeks in lockdown with  a known  partner [...]

Cyber Infidelity : a dishonest form of relationship

It is 11.30pm. He stumbles downstairs to see where his [...]


Have you ever wondered if posting sexual images or sexting [...]

The best of Dr Eve and Eusebius McKaiser , Radio 702: 2019

  Its 11am Friday morning. The jingle plays "Talking Sex" [...]

Bad Sex and the Orgasm Gap

Im trying to remember the first time I became aware [...]

Intimate Loneliness: Sex with things

A few months ago , acclaimed  German artist and visual [...]

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