Painful Sex – OHNUT is here to assist you

The kids are finally asleep, you're feeling close and connected [...]

Why and How Females Masturbate

Google "how to masturbate" and you will be confronted  with [...]

Are you a sexually healthy person ?

  I cringe as I write the words "sexually healthy [...]

The best of Dr Eve and Eusebius McKaiser , Radio 702: 2019

  Its 11am Friday morning. The jingle plays "Talking Sex" [...]

Has your partner done anything during sex that has made you feel scared ?

" Euphoria" has to be the one of the most [...]

What do you do post coital? 

Place yourself into this scenario. The penetration has happened. He [...]

Strategies, plots and plans : sneaky ways you manage sexual desire discrepancy.

In August 2015 a momentous event occurred in the world [...]

Bad Sex and the Orgasm Gap

Im trying to remember the first time I became aware [...]

The Cock Camera: would you film your climax?

[vc_row][vc_column icons_position="left"][vc_column_text]Would you? Have you ? Filmed your climax ? [...]

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