“The drama of love is all about this hunger for safe emotional connection,
a survival imperative we experience from the cradle to the grave. Loving
connection is the only safety nature ever offers us.”


Place your hand on your heart space. Breathe until it is still. Enquire what your heart longs for. Invite your partner to do the same practice. Maybe your heart says “Hold me tighter” or maybe it says “I am afraid and long for release”.
Perhaps you feel stuck.
Maybe you have lost sexual desire, are struggling with erectile dysfunction and/or orgasmic difficulties.
As a Couple and Sex Therapist I create the space for your heart to have difficult conversations. Once hearts regulate, healthy consensual sexuality will flow After all the drive to survive is the longing to connect. Or disconnect.
In order to connect, safety and security is necessary. Sexual Pleasure then becomes possible.
Working through a trauma -informed lens , utilizing Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness, traditional Sex Therapy techniques and Complex Relationship theory and interventions, I offer couples and individuals a safe and secure therapeutic space in which they can communicate and connect , with compassion, kindness and respect towards themselves and each other.