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Intimacy TRAUMA 

What it is and how to deal with it.

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INTIMACY TRAUMA happens because you have experienced some rough childhood stuff. Like emotional , sexual or physical abuse from a parent /caretaker or you were neglected or abandoned as a child.

As an adult this leaves you feeling out of control with your emotions and behaviour. You may act out sexually , as in have risky sexual activity, or you may act out with too many drugs, alcohol, gambling, spending.

Perhaps too much work or too much time online. Anything just to still the busy ness in your brain and the pain in your body.

You need help.
You want to be intimate , emotionally and/or sexually , but feel numb, anxious and afraid of attaching to a person.
I am here to help you understand this trauma and why it is your brain that needs managing.

Perhaps you struggle with chronic illnesses such as depression, anxiety , insomnia, digestive and reproductive problems. No matter how much you medicate they remain present. This distraction makes it difficult to attach intimately leaving you feeling lonely and even isolated.

You need help.
You need to learn mindfulness techniques to feel joy in your body and sexual presence.
I am here to help you learn to manage yourself emotionally , to self regulate to be able to live a healthy intimate life.

Bring your traumas with intimacy to me. Allow me to sit with you as you learn to endure deep discomfort and pain and finally relief.
I want to enable you to live a more mindful intimate life equipped with skills to self regulate and manage your emotions to be able to live a healthy intimate life.

I have created an Intimacy Trauma Forum for you to tell your stories, read other stories, create a community of people who wish to practice living more mindfully through cutting edge interventions that I offer.
Expand yourself through connecting right here.

Weekly I will post a new topic. Daily you may post your own topic /thought/reflections/questions…

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