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I invite you to watch the latest advert from Durex, called: ”Let’s not go back to normal”.  CLICK HERE

It’s brilliant! Without judgment, it simply and powerfully invites you to accept that your sexual “normal” may not have been as healthy as it should have been.  And it offers hope for a new future of sex, a healthy more pleasurable one.

I invite you to consider how you would like your future of sex to look.  Because I say: ”Let’s not go back to normal”.

For sure your health and wealth remain anxiety factors.  However, what is equally anxiety-provoking is intimacy and your sexuality: how to get it, how to sustain it, how to keep it novel.  Going back to “normal” is not an option…

Let me be a fortune teller and gaze into the future of sex.  And then I leave it to you to pick the ideas that grab you in your heart and body, to bring healthier more pleasurable sexuality and intimacy into your personal life.  In other words, create your own “normal”.

  1. The Ex factor

The Kinsey Institute found 1 in 5 people have reached out to an ex in lockdown for a variety of reasons, including:  checking in, apologizing for a past action, or suggesting sex.  Really?  Hooking up is no longer a Covid-19 safer sex option.  Before committing to going back to an ex, remember why you broke up.  Take the energy and time and invest in therapy to learn mindfulness and more about your story of attachment.  So, in the future, you choose a partner from a still brain and body.

  1. Masturbation revolution

Having a sexual play with new partners is pretty high risk.  Now is really the time to invest in a few sex toys to use alone or with a regular sexual partner.   Masturbation is what people normally do secretively and privately.  In future masturbation is going to be without stigma and a shared experience between couples.  Either person to person or via online sexual play.

  1. Sexual Fantasies

According to a new study by the Kinsey Institute 1 in 5 people have found their fantasies have changed through lockdown, and more people are also choosing to share these fantasies with their sexual partners.  Fantasies are an escape from the world or a way of meeting unfulfilled sexual needs that you did not share with a partner for fear of judgment.  In the future, being bold and sharing fantasies may make your sexual life more pleasurable.  Assess the risks of sharing as it may place you in danger.

  1. Safer sex

On dating apps, people are chatting longer and delaying sex.  In this way, intimacy is deeper so you get to know the person before sex happens.  It also offers opportunities to establish boundaries, get an idea of safety and values.  Chatting about each other’s COVID-19 compliance will open the door to a conversation about condom use.

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