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If ever there was a time that the world endorsed masturbation, it is now. Covid-19 has made masturbation not only an acceptable sexual practice but a Recommended one. It is seen as the safest form of sexuality as it lessens the chances of you becoming infected.

Who would have thought that a virus that has shut down the world would liberate a previously stigmatized, pathologized sexual activity, namely masturbation?

I am thrilled. The blame and shame that masturbation brings to people are unacceptable. Religious guilt, a partner who believes that your genitals are owned by him/her/they, and of course the curse of pornography, are reasons why people hide their masturbation desires.

Considering we don’t have a lot to celebrate right now, let’s grab this month of May which has for years been set aside as International Masturbation Month, and enjoy what is safe, healthy, and pleasurable – Masturbation.


It’s a private sexual activity. In lockdown, it is best that you and a partner agree that masturbation is a sexual choice for both of you. This eliminates the secrecy element – and conflict.
Masturbation lowers anxiety. Lowering anxiety is a most welcome feeling right now.
Masturbation can be a shared mutually agreed upon activity – lying side by side, or mutual masturbation may add much-needed novelty to your lagging libido.
Online dating may consensually include masturbation, online, or via fantasies.
Masturbation with a long-distance beloved/beloveds may bring necessary sexual connection.
36% of women report that clitoral stimulation helps them orgasm during intercourse, whereas slightly more than 18% report they orgasm from intercourse alone.
Women masturbate alone as they are more or less guaranteed to become orgasmic. You now have a hall pass to do this J
Pornography is what both men and women use to arouse themselves during masturbation. Don’t read any more into it. It’s just a vehicle for arousal.

At this time of loneliness, uncertainty, and anxiety, masturbation becomes a self-soothing activity.

If it is your sexual preference as it gives you privacy, and it feels way too exhausting to negotiate any sexual activity with your partner, please discuss this with your partner. Your partner may be seeking more connection with you, sexually or/and emotionally, and possibly may feel more anxious as he/she/they feel your sexual neglect and disconnect.

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