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Dealing with intimate relationship issues

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Intimate Relationships are complex, messy, even traumatic. Falling in and out of love, both Online and In Real Life, dating, courting and staying together long term, is a challenge. Instinctively you pull toward and simultaneously push away, from a partner/s. You want to attach but feel detached. You feel lonely, you feel crowded.

You need help.
You feel confused , unhappy, indifferent, disappointed.
I am here to help you understand modern day relationships, and to support you whilst you sit in the pain of missing what you most long for, namely intimate connection, love.

Perhaps you are single, married, committed, or in a hook up , Friends with Benefits situation. You may be consensually non monogamous thinking or actively engaging in an open relationship, entering into swinging, threesomes, polyamory. Maybe you are going through the ending of a significant relationship, or perhaps you have been ghosted and in pain.

You need help.
You feel anxious, excited and in turmoil.
I am here to help you navigate your way through the conundrums that arise through modern loving and connecting.

I have created a Relationship Forum for you to tell your stories, read other stories, create a community of interested people with diverse relationships structures and concerns. Expand yourself through connecting right here.

Weekly I will post a new topic. Daily you may post your own topic /thought/reflections/questions ..
Interact with me, and with others.

Feel free to remain anonymous, be respectful of yourself and others, be self caring.

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