intimate partner violence

On average, it takes a survivor of intimate partner violence seven times to leave before staying away for good.
Leaving can be dangerous, extremely dangerous, so of course you’ll stay and stay… until the day you are ready to leave.

i admire your courage.

And while you are waiting to leave, I invite you into my therapy room, in person, or via zoom or your mobile device: no judgment, no criticism, merely a professional confidential space. 

Working through a trauma-informed lens, utilising Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness, traditional Sex Therapy techniques, Self Compassion interventions, I offer people a safe and secure therapeutic space in which they can  explore red flags that point to gaslighting, emotional/sexual/verbal/physical financial abuse. And begin the process of rebuilding, reframing, recovering from IPV.


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dr. eve store

In 1994, I imported sex toys into South Africa. Despite professional stigma and community rejection, I opened an In Real Life and online store (, believing people have the right to access sexual health products to better promote their sexual health and pleasure.

Today, my store thrives under my loving attention. People are educated into the clinical and personal benefits of using sexual health products.

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