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Understanding it and coming to terms with it.

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“Am I normal?” is a question I get asked many times a day. Whether it is questioning sexual functioning, sexual behavior, gender or sexual orientation , people feel shameful if they do not fit into the stereotype of “normal” sexuality that society has constructed.

You need help.
You feel confused , unhappy, and even broken as a person.. and as a couple.
I am here to help you understand your unique sexuality, and your relationship to gender, sexual orientation and sexual behavior.

“Normal” sexual functioning dictates sexual frequency – it’s meant to be often- as this is used as a measure of your own sexual “normalcy “ as well as the “normalcy” of the relationship, and of course, an expression of love. People are harmed by this belief.

You are also harmed if you believe that you should have genitals of a certain size and shape. And that these genitals should always respond and react with a strong erection that can go all night, and a throbbing vagina that stays wet throughout a sexual session – and feels no pain.

You need help.
You feel depressed and anxious.
I am here to help you, educate you, encourage you to explore, understand and accept your own sexuality, alone and in partnership/s.

Throw away the mono-hetero-normative model that states its “normal” to only be attracted to one person at a time, and this person must be the opposite sex from you. This model may not reflect the uniqueness of your sexuality.

I have created a Sexuality Forum for you to tell your stories, read other stories, create a community of curious people with diverse sexuality conundrums and concerns. Expand yourself through connecting right here.

Weekly I will post a new topic. Daily you may post your own topic /thought/reflections/questions ..
Interact with me, and with others.

Feel free to remain anonymous, be respectful of yourself and others, be self caring.

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