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Pornography consumption : how much does it influence your sexual expectations and behaviour?

At the outset I state that this is not a blog about the harm/benefits of pornography consumption . Rather this is a matter of fact invitation for you to consider whether or not your porn consumption influences your real life sexual activity, either alone or with a  partner/s.  And if so, in what way does […]

A necessary new vision of HIV/AIDS in Men who have Sex with Men

As South Africans, we are all AIDS fatigued . It’s been around for so long that without blushing in  shame, we can ‘fess up  that we don’t enjoy condoms,  and that we don’t really use them reliably and consistently. And now that bio medical technology is here, why bother? A brief history of HIV/AIDS in […]

Sex workers: Our Love/Hate Relationship With The World’s Oldest Profession

“The fact that Nokuphila Khumalo’s work entailed sexual acts, and is criminalised, placed her and her many co- workers, at high risk of danger. A sex worker participates in a march to raise public awareness on human rights issues in their profession on International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers in Skopje, Macedonia December […]

Think We’ve Heard Enough About Safe Sex? This Is Why Condom And STI Week Matters

STI/Condom Week is a health awareness campaign by the South African government to promote safer sex and curb the spreading of STI’s/ HIV/AIDS.   Isn’t it ironic, as Alanis Morissette sings, that Condom/STI Week began on Valentine’s Day? It’s like your honeymoon night – you’re expected to have penetrative sex that night irrespective of how […]