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Dear Dr.Eve – My husband had a secret life

Dear Dr.Eve I have LOST my husband in more ways than one.Just over a month ago, my husband and I were both diagnosed withCovid-19, and as sick as we both were, we cared for one another and tried toremain positive. I was admitted to hospital and days later my husbandwas admitted to the same hospital.We […]

2020 – Reflections, Resilience, Recalibration

In 2020 I stayed home. I have not stayed home for many many years. For the past number of years I have been on airplanes, buses, trains and ships, and stayed in many many hotel rooms across the globe. I have not stayed home. Right at the beginning of lock down I used my home […]

Understanding addictions in Covid-19

  Like me , I am sure you have an opinion about the reinstatement of alcohol in Level 3. I celebrate the return of some of our freedom, mostly the freedom to trade and boost the economy. Like most freedoms, this comes with a cost. And the cost of alcohol is high on the health […]

Grief and Journal Writing

  ’CLICK HERE TO SEE ME TALK ABOUT HOW TO JOURNAL’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbA2Gq1qDHg Grief has many different faces and feelings.  Perhaps you are feeling grief but not identified your feelings as such.  Identifying them as “grief” may in itself bring you some relief.  I know it is always helpful to me.   The most renowned grief […]

How Deep is your Love ?

  There has been no other time in history than now when love presents itself in great abundance . Love of frontline workers providing essential services, health care providers especially, is globally felt as one big heart pumping love to both know and unknown people in the world. Love is  shown to ex partners, to […]

What to do when you can no longer hook up?!

  Remember the days when swiping left or right was a form of entertainment whilst you were on the bus,  the toilet or bored at work? Those days when you could jump from one online chat to another with just your thumb doing all the work. And meeting for a quick hook up during your […]