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Pornography consumption : how much does it influence your sexual expectations and behaviour?

At the outset I state that this is not a blog about the harm/benefits of pornography consumption . Rather this is a matter of fact invitation for you to consider whether or not your porn consumption influences your real life sexual activity, either alone or with a  partner/s.  And if so, in what way does […]


Have you ever wondered if posting sexual images or sexting makes you deviant, perverted , or  a little crazy? Or do you brazenly post without giving it a second thought . Perhaps you do stop to wonder if this is legal (ask Emma Sadlier please )  pornographic , within the bounds of monogamy. Or maybe […]

Has your partner done anything during sex that has made you feel scared ?

“ Euphoria” has to be the one of the most memorable series that I have ever seen. Difficult and uncomfortable to sit through , visually gorgeous , it shows the lives of a group of  High School teens living their lives. And their lives are any parents worst nightmare of drug addiction , web cam […]

The new bedfellows: porn and loneliness

When I watch porn  I have to consciously silence the critic in me and try be present with the purpose of porn :  entertainment to  arouse the many millions who  watch  it daily.  I acknowledge and even enjoy the healthy, recreational   benefits of porn that promotes a positive permissive environment and opportunities for couples […]

There Are More People Masturbating At Work Than You Think — Here’s What To Consider Before Partaking Yourself

Is going off to the bathroom for a quick wank, the new coffee break? Should lubricants be a standard bathroom accessory, with condoms, soap and hand cream?