Considered to be a highly influential and respected professional woman in her field of expertise in Africa and internationally.

The certificates on my wall testify that I am  a Clinical Social Worker, specialising in Family Therapy,  (BA. Social Work (Hons), M. (Clinical Social Work) (cum laude), and attained my Doctorate in Human Sexuality in the USA,  DHS (Doctorate in Human Sexuality), Institute of Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality, San Francisco. I became certified as a Couple & Sex Therapist through  AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counsellors and Therapists) and achieved Fellowship in Sexual 

I am in Private Practice, specialising in Cyber Infidelity and Intimacy Trauma. Over the years my clinical work required an  expansion of  my skills into trauma. This was triggered by my research into #CyberInfidelity.

In June 2015  my groundbreaking book “Cyber Infidelity: The New Seduction“ (Human & Rousseau 2015) was published to global acclaim. This work  defined my clinical and academic interest in Contemporary Intimacies and Modern Day Love. 

I moved  from a purely medicalised focus on sexuality, to my current  intense interest in understanding people’s lives more contextually and intersectionally.

 The emergent traumas  of childhood traumas and once off adult event traumas have a significant impact on adult relationships and sexualities . This necessitated my need to train in Complex Trauma management utilizing  sensorimotor Psychotherapy model.

In January 2021 I completed my Post Graduate Certificate in Trauma Stress Studies, with Bessel van der Kolk’s Trauma Research Foundation, Boston, USA.

 In August 2021 I completed Level 1 Certificate in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Trauma Themes. 

Twenty-five years ago, as the founder of Dr. Eve, the South African household brand representing professionalism, pleasure, respect, and responsibility, I began to pioneer sexual health and rights education, information and counselling in South Africa and through Africa.

Utilizing multiple forums, from live mobile chat platforms with youth, to global public appearances, my commitment  is on providing evidence-based education across all age groups and cross-culturally.

Having written 4 bestseller books on women’s sexuality, sexuality education for youth, ageing and Cyber Infidelity, I am  sought after for appearances both locally and internationally. I am a global opinion leader on Cyber Infidelity. In January 2019 I was invited  by producers of a Health Show, soon to appear on Netflix. to be a consultant on the Infidelity /Cyber Infidelity segment.

My writing skills have become honed through many years of being a columnist in all major magazines, online web sites and  a blogger for both South African and international media. From 2017-2018 I had my own column in a New York based online magazine and in February 2019, I was cited in the New York Magazine.

My devotion to ensuring sexual rights, health and pleasure  for all are met, moved me into a new pioneering area , namely Medico Legal work. I am a Sexual Health Expert , in medical negligence and personal injury matters. This means I assess for loss of sexual functioning  as a result of personal injury and make recommendations for compensation thereof. I look forward to extending my skills and expertise globally.

In 1994, I brought a shipment of sex toys into South Africa. Coming out of the Apartheid era and sexual censorship, I was aware of the lack of sexuality education, which includes the right to access sexual health products for both clinical and private use. My online store and my in -house store, are my joy and your pleasure.



I am  considered to be a highly influential woman in Africa, a continent in which women need female role models to talk about sexuality and sexual health. I represent  South Africa /Africa on different international forums.


My passion lies in my private clinical practice. From 8am-8pm I am invested and focused on working with couples and individuals who feel stuck and struggling with their intimate lives and interpersonal relationships, with partners, children, families and colleagues. 

Recognising that early childhood trauma and once off adult event traumas effect adult intimacy and attachments, I  utilize mindfulness and body based Sensorimotor Psychotherapy skills,  ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Interventions, Sex Therapy and Sexual Medicine assessments.

My wide lens expands  into  working with people who practice and are curious  about alternative relationship structures,  such as polyamory, and I welcome  trans and gender diverse people into my practice.  In summary,  I offer an integrative  therapeutic approach, through a trauma informed lens.


Proudly since 2012  I am  a Temporary Advisor to the WHO (World Health Organization). As an internationally renowned academic, I teach Sexual Medicine at the University of Cape Town Medical School and I am  a regular reviewer of academic journals and conference abstracts.

As an International Sexual Rights Activist, I was the Regional Secretary for Africa for the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS). In addition, I have served as board and committee member on a number of highly respected international scientific sexual medicine, sexual health, and rights organizations. I have also published a number of academic journals. 

In 2021 I was the Local Scientific Chair of the WAS Congress, and a member of the Task Force ,  held virtually in Cape Town , South Africa. Currently I am on the  newly formed WAS Sexual Justice Task Force.


Education forms the core of all my work. Whether it is educating clients in my therapy room, training health care providers, or appearing before  professionals  and the public,  education is key to behaviour change.  

Because I am so committed to the right everyone has to education, information and counselling, for the last 28 years I have used the mediums of radio, television, print and social media as tools of education. 

As a comprehensive sexuality educator of many years, in 2018 I was invited to  oversee and be consultant to the National Department of Education, in the design of the Sexuality’Relationship thread of the Life Skills text books for 2020 learners of South Africa.


Having been a popular key opinion thought leader on sexual health and rights in the pharmaceutical and medical  industries, I continue to deliver papers at international scientific sexual health and rights meetings which focus on Contemporary Intimacies and Modern Love, my unique contribution being Cyber Infidelity. 

Most recently my thoughts are on “Intimacy Trauma” , as well as on “Trauma, Sexuality and the Law”.


Living  in a country with extraordinary levels of sexual violence, harassment and abuse specifically towards women and children, urged me to become a  Human Rights Activist, with a focus on being a women’s defender. I was a founding board member of Gender Dynamix, a NGO devoted to the care of Trans and Gender Diverse  people, and  was very involved with SWEAT, an NGO, defending the rights of sex workers.


6 years ago I was invited to join the Cape Town Executive Committee of SAMLA (South African Medico Legal Association ), and in 2017 I was nominated to the executive board of SAMLA. 

As a now well recognised  Sexual Health Expert in the country, with few others globally, I am deeply committed to ensuring the sexual rights of all people who have suffered through medical negligence and personal injury, are met. For this reason , I maintain an active and busy medico legal practice.


In 1994, I imported sex toys into South Africa. Despite professional stigma and community rejection, I opened an In Real Life and online store (, believing people have the right to access sexual health products to better promote their sexual health and pleasure. Today, my store thrives under my loving attention. People are educated into the clinical and personal benefits of using sexual health products.


  1. 1975  : BA Social Work (Hons) – University of the Witwatersrand 
  2. 1985 : M (Clinical Social Work) , specializing in Family Therapy  (cum laude) (winner of the Dean’s Medal for Best Social Science Student in the Faculty of Humanities.) – University of the Orange Free State
  3. 1995: Certified AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators Counsellors & Therapist) Sex Therapist 
  4. 1999: Doctorate in Human Sexuality – Institute for Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality, San Francisco , California, USA
  5. 2001-present day : Sexual Medicine Therapist & Consultant : ISSWSH (International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health ) ; ESSM (European Society for Sexual Medicine) ISSM (International Society for Sexual Medicine ) 
  6. 2012 : Temporary Advisor to the WHO (World Health Organization ) , Geneva, Switzerland
  7. 2017:  Accredited Medico Legal Mediator – University of Cape Town, Law School
  8. 2021 : Post Graduate Certificate in Trauma Stress Studies – Trauma Research Foundation, Boston, USA
  9. 2021 Level 1 Certificate in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy – Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, USA.