The President has sent our country into lockdown. I am relieved that we have entered into this state of serious respect and protection of ourselves and our fellow man. In response to the call that we must all self-isolate, my staff and I will #stayhome. As a result of this, all my therapy sessions will be held ONLY ONLINE VIA SKYPE. Maintaining your mental health and intimate relationships with self and others has never been more essential.

I am here for you. Feel free to make your own Skype appointments: Make Appointment

Or chat with me via my professional WhatsApp number: 060 8901062

Throughout the next few weeks I will be sending out thoughts, and tips via email, to hold you in a safe and secure place during this time of radical uncertainty, unusual intense intimacy with a partner, children and alone with self. These will include fun ideas on self-pleasuring, porn, and sex toys. In other words, sex-e-chats 🙂 To receive my weekly emails, send me an email request:

Practice self care and self compassion



CYBER INFIDELITY occurs insidiously and silently, even unintentionally. As health care providers…


INTIMACY TRAUMA happens, because you have experienced some rough childhood stuff…


Intimate Relationships are complex, messy, even traumatic. Falling in and out of love, both Online and In Real Life…

I Need Help

I don't know what to do...

Infidelity hurts so bad. Whether you are the hurt person , or the person who did the hurting, when disclosure happens , a roller coaster appears and you both jump on and go for the ride of your life.


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