internationally qualified couple and sex therapist and trauma therapist

Having earned all post graduate qualifications internationally, and continues to train internationally.
Marlene Wasserman is based in Cape Town and works globally.

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The certificates on my wall testify that I am a Clinical Social Worker, specialising in Family Therapy, (BA. Social Work (Hons), M. (Clinical Social Work) (cum laude), and attained my Doctorate in Human Sexuality in the USA, DHS (Doctorate in Human Sexuality), Institute of Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality, San Francisco.

I became certified as a Couple & Sex Therapist through AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counsellors and Therapists) and achieved Fellowship in Sexual Medicine through ISSWSH (International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health).

I have been in Private Practice for my entire career and pride myself on reinvention by adding to my skill set, in response to changes in societal, familial, relationship and sexual trends, as politics, technology and laws evolve.

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Dr. Marlene Wasserman


My passion for new knowledge and cutting edge evidence-based techniques and practices, ensure I am always training and honing my skills. Building on my many years of training as a family therapist, sex therapist, couple and sex therapist, my current skill set brings me into the core of healing: intimacy trauma using sensorimotor psychotherapy and trauma informed skills, which include psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. I look forward to working with you.


My undergraduate training as a clinical social worker taught me to see you, the person, contextually and intersectionally. This means I see you as an individual within relationship/s, connections, communities, cultures, countries and the broader world. Working with me allows all parts of you to be noticed, acknowledged and given voice.


In 1994, I broke bad and imported sex toys into South Africa and opened up the dr.eve store

I believe that everyone has the right to sexual health, sexual pleasure, information and education. Sexual health products offer me an opportunity to ensure your right is met. I pride myself on excellent service to you. Ask me anything… and enjoy your shopping!

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Intimacy can be a profound longing for, and a profound fear of, connection. This may result in sexual difficulties as well as relationship distress. There are many reasons why intimacy, sexuality and attachment are challenging for you. I invite you into my therapy room where, through an intimacy and trauma-informed lens, healing is possible. Let’s be curious…

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In 1994, I created the Dr. Eve brand and became the pioneer of Sexual Health, Sexual Rights and Pleasure as well as a Gender Based Violence activist in South Africa, across Africa and globally.

couple and sex therapist
intimacy trauma therapist
family therapist
individual therapist
cyber infidelity
medico legal sexual health
psychedelic medicine
intimate partner violence (IPV)
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dr. eve store

In 1994, I imported sex toys into South Africa. Despite professional stigma and community rejection, I opened an In Real Life and online store (, believing people have the right to access sexual health products to better promote their sexual health and pleasure.

Today, my store thrives under my loving attention. People are educated into the clinical and personal benefits of using sexual health products.

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