Why Dr. Eve

the many facets of Dr. Eve

I am  considered to be a highly influential woman in Africa, a continent in which women need female role models to talk about sexuality and sexual health. I represent  South Africa /Africa on different international forums.

My  passion lies in my private clinical practice. From 8am-8pm I am invested and focused on working with couples and individuals who are stuck and struggling with their intimate lives. Utilizing mindfulness, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Interventions, Sex Therapy and Sexual Medicine assessments, with a wide lens into alternative relationship structures, I  offer a holistic therapeutic approach.

Proudly I am  a Temporary Advisor to the WHO (World Health Organization). As an internationally renowned academic, I teach Sexual Medicine at the University of Cape Town Medical School and I am  a regular reviewer of academic journals and conference abstracts.

As an International Sexual Rights Activist, I was the Regional Secretary for Africa for the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS). In addition, I have served as board and committee member on a number of highly respected international scientific sexual medicine, sexual health, and rights organizations.

Education forms the core of all my work. Whether it is educating clients in my therapy room, training health care providers, or appearing before students and the public, education is key to behaviour change.  

As a comprehensive sexuality educator of many years, in 2018 I was invited to  oversee and be consultant to the National Department of Education, in the design of the Sexuality’Relationship thread of the Life Skills text books for 2020 learners of South Africa.

Having been a popular key opinion  thought leader on sexual health in the pharmaceutical industry,  I continue to deliver papers at international scientific sexual health and rights meetings which focus on Contemporary Intimacies and Modern Love, my unique contribution being Cyber Infidelity.

Living  in a country with extraordinary levels of sexual violence, harassment and abuse specifically towards women, urged me to become a  Human Rights Activist, with a focus on being a women’s defender. I was a founding board member of Gender Dynamix, a NGO devoted to the care of Transgender people, and very involved with SWEAT, an NGO, defending the rights of sex workers.

Four years ago I was invited to join the Cape Town Executive Committee of SAMLA (South African Medico Legal Association ), and in 2017 I was nominated to the executive board of SAMLA. As the only Sexual Health Expert in the country, with few others globally, I am deeply committed to ensuring the sexual rights of all people who have suffered through medical negligence and personal injury, are met.

For the last 3 years I have my own weekly segment appearances  on Expresso TV Breakfast Show. I have had my own television shows and many national appearances on other TV shows, such as Carte Blanche. I am in international demand due to my unique cutting-edge TV and online Summit guest appearances.

In 1994 I imported sex toys into South Africa. Despite professional stigma and community rejection, I opened an In Real Life and online store (www.drevestore.co.za), believing people have the right to access sexual health products to better promote their sexual health and pleasure.

Today my store thrives under my loving attention. People are educated into the  clinical and personal benefits of using sexual health products.

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram : are my professional fascination, as they give me an opportunity to learn more about #sextech… and to educate people. Chat with me… often!

I travel – to conferences to learn, to become skilled, to expand my body of knowledge so I can bring you cutting edge clinical interventions and information. As a South African, I bring my culture into conferences, to educate and expand the views of my colleagues.

My Expertise

some facts about me

I  am a global  opinion leader on Cyber Infidelity. In January 2019 I was invited  by producers of a Health Show , soon to appear on Netflix. to be a consultant  on the Infidelity /Cyber Infidelity segment.

  • Cyber Infidelity
  • Medico-Legal
  • Intimacy Trauma


here are a few of my certificates.